Got one of these?

  • ION AirCopy
  • ION AirCopy E-Post Edition
  • Halo Magic Scanner
  • Mustek iScan Air / S400W
  • Century CPS-A4WF
  • iScan Fly
  • Transcription Patri Kun A4 Wi-Fi Portable Scanner
  • 転写パットリくん A4 Wi-Fiポータブルスキャナー

Enhance your scanner with our Linux PHP based software. Use your portable battery operated scanner from most any device connected to your network. No modification to scanner, and still works with bundled apps.

About The demo:
This is intended for use on your LAN. It will probably be slow on the Internet. It is also probably not very secure to use on the Internet.
There is now scanning functionality in the demo, but it is only simulated. You can start by scanning a page and the scanning process will be simulated. There are sample scans that you can convert, crop etc. You can also create or delete a user. Please leave user "Lenny" with his scans for the next user.
As there is no physical scanner, the Status, Clean and Calibrate funcions only return errors. You are likely to see duplicate images if you go from user to user. This however is because we have not loaded up many scanned images.
This software is under constant revision. If you find a bug, let us know.

As this scanner only supports JPGs in color only, when you select an option like grayscale, autocrop, etc, the original scanned file is saved. Each process step saves the file, adding "BW", "Crop" to the file name.
Renaming a file to a name already in use will overwite the old file with no warning.
Do not use file names with spaces when converting or renaming.

Log in as admin with user/pass admin/Teknogeekz, or as a user (no admin function) Lenny/Hello

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There's something in the air!

AirScan was created as a work-around for lack of Linux support on these scanners. As time has gone on, some newer devices are now incompatible with the older software versions. We offer a solution to help you resolve that. We have a linux based scan server solution that not only extends the life of your scanner, but it enhances the functionality, by making your small portable WiFi scanner available to your whole network. You can now pass the scanner from cubicle to cubicle or even from room to room. Add a WiFi extender for expanded coverage. Airscan makes your scanner compatible with most any device with a web browser, even smart TVs can now scan!

Version 9 commercial now supports multiple users and logins. No database is required. Each user has access to only their own scans, using either integrated text authentication or PAM users on the host system.

Other features of the commercial version include Imagemagick integration. This allows file conversions, cropping, scanning to Grayscale or LineArt modes, etc. Also, there is a handy function that allows you to scan to a printer for copying.

A special thatnks to Bastel for creating the binary that makes this all possible.

Here is what it does.

All this and more!


Scan from your portable battery operated scanner wirelessly. All scans are saved on the host computer and are easily downloaded to the client initiating the scan.


Combined with your printer, use it as a copier. All files scanned for copying are automatically saved.


Crop images with the built in cropping tool.


File conversions to/from GIF, PNG and PDF (single page PDF).

    System Requirements

  • x86_32 or x86_64 host computer
  • Linux x86_32 or x86_64
  • Apache2 or other web server
  • PHP support
  • a wifi adapter for scanner
  • 2nd wireless, or wired LAN connection to your network
  • Compatible scanner
  • Imagemagick is highly recommended

    Compatible Scanners

  • ION AirCopy
  • ION AirCopy E-Post Edition
  • Halo Magic Scanner
  • Mustek iScan Air / S400W
  • Century CPS-A4WF
  • iScan Fly
  • Transcription Patri Kun A4 Wi-Fi Portable Scanner
  • 転写パットリくん A4 Wi-Fiポータブルスキャナー
If you have a Raspberry Pi and can comple your own binary from the source code at:, there is no reason a Linux based PHP server would not work.
Free Version$29.99 USD
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Please note the free version is based on version 7. Version 9 is available only as a commercial version. The free version has no printing, nor conversion, nor cropping options. The commercial version can be configured with or without Imagemagick. Imagemagick is recommended, and is required for file conversions, cropping, etc. The commercial version can also be configured with or without logins. The Free version has only basic scanning functionality, and no users, nor logins. Version 9 now supports PAM user login and password support by PAM authentication and scanning to the user's folder on the host system (server).